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But What About Now?

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The sales slow down is all too clear. Economic commentators tell us why shoppers aren't buying. We can't change any of that, so we're powerless. The season is slipping by.

All through this year we have highlighted opportunities in 'New Retail'. These have the potential to dramatically change your business, but that takes time. That's OK for 2020, but what about now? Read on ...

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Christmas - Cheery. And Bleary.


Only 62 per cent of retailers expect to see higher sales this Christmas compared to last year, down from 80 per cent last year. Just under 40 per cent are expecting to see some form of Christmas period margin decrease - according to Deloitte’s annual Retailers’ Christmas Survey released on Wednesday.

That's the 'bleary'.

Now the 'cheery'.

It’s not all bad news ... Deloitte predicts digital will be a standout, with 58 per cent of retailers expecting to see growth of 10 per cent or more in online Christmas sales. Salesforce has predicted a 20 per cent increase in online sales this Christmas compared to last year.


And what is your business clue from this news?
Have a strong digital presence, and wow your customers with a great Customer Experience!

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