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Drive Every Sale You Can In 2019

Retail trade is a metaphor for all kinds of trading. If the economy is good, retail is good. Right now retail isn't so good - which indicates almost all trading is probably off, or under threat. What do retail trends say about your business?

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Relentless Innovation Required in Modern Business


Anthony Heraghty, as recently appointed CEO, said he aims to modernise Super Retail Group to compete in a changing retail [environment].

“With changing consumer expectations, we are being challenged to innovate and modernise our business to ensure we are fit to compete in the even more competitive retail environment of tomorrow,” he said.

“In an era where customers have greater demands and choice than ever before in what, where, when, and how, they want to buy, our customer-centric approach and engaged team can help differentiate Super Retail Group and drive the next phase of growth around our four core brands,” he said.

“Fresh thinking, embracing innovation, and harnessing data and technology are trademarks of his leadership,” said Super Retail Group chair Sally Pitkin.


And what is your business clue from this news? Your latest trading innovation is already outdated. Innovate again ... and again ... and .....

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