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Megatrends Are Reshaping Trade

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New jobs are popping up that challenge our very concept of what the working world has become. Recently, a job ad for a 'Customer Success Manager' led to a hunt for what that might mean. There is even a Graduate Certificate in Customer Success Management you can earn today.

The new notion of Customer Success is one of the megatrends sweeping across business. It's as frightening as the internet was to retailers ten years ago - and it promises just as much disruption. Read on ...

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3 Clues From Forrester


Forrester Research examined which retail initiatives are attracting investment this year.

Retailers apply initiatives with proven customer value, like Omnichannel commerce, advanced data and analytics, personalisation, and in-store 'digital tech'.

Some newer technologies, like automated checkout, augmented and virtual reality, and so on, are on hold until their business cases are firmer.

Technologies that improve a brand’s response to a specific customer need - like same-day delivery, or an experience centre - are more likely to be seen in special situations, rather than find broad acceptance in the coming year.


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