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After thirty or more years, we've learnt some valuable lessons:


It's All In The Diagnosis!

(A personal observation by the author)

We have both a son who is a specialist physician, and a son-in-law who is a specialist surgeon.

It's always interesting to hear their conversation when we're discussing someone who's not well. Amongst all the general discussion, there is a liberal sprinkling of detailed, analytical questions. The symptoms of the illness could point to many different causes.

I am always impressed, because this is the kind of diagnostic question I have been asking of businesses since long before they began their doctoring.

In fact, a business is a lot like a human body in that respect. The business stays alive, but it isn't well, and the symptoms could mean a number of different things. It's only when you get an expert analysis of the symptoms and what they really mean, that you can prescribe a course of action.

Often the path is not a clear one. Sometimes, what seems obvious will just make things worse. It's at times like those you're really glad your health is in safe hands. Your business also needs well trained and experienced hands - if it too is going to be strong and healthy!

... Max Williams


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